Coalition Letter | May 22, 2023

California Coalition Letter Supporting Postsecondary Accountability, Quality, & Financial Aid

A group of six organizations with a shared interest in protecting students from predatory institutions that provide low-quality education and leave students with unmanageable debt expresses support for and opposition to key policy changes in the 2023-24 State Budget. With California’s students and borrowers in mind, the budget revision response expresses the following: (1) a request that Trailer Bill Language allowing out-of-state, online post-secondary institutions to access the Golden State Teacher Grant be rejected, (2) support for Trailer Bill Language on Cohort Default Rate (CDR) and support for building upon this metric, (3) support for funding the Cradle-to-Career Data System, and (4) support for early action taken to eliminate state taxation of federal student debt cancellation via AB 111.