Letter of Support | February 25, 2022

Letter of Support for AB 1731

Under current California law, California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE) is responsible for California’s administration of the federal Title 38 award program, which provides student financial aid to military veterans. Institutions headquartered or operating in California desiring to enroll students eligible for federal Title 38 awards are required to apply to CSAAVE for approval of their courses based on specified criteria, as well as any additional reasonable criteria established by CSAAVE.

AB 1731 would direct CSAAVE to collect relevant information from institutions that they approve to enroll Title 38 students, including: cohort default rates; financial responsibility; accreditation status; and whether the institution has been sued for fraud or deceit in the previous five years. Ensuring that CSAAVE has the data necessary to effectively evaluate institutions receiving Title 38 funding is a critical step to better protect student veterans in California.