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This blog is a place to discuss issues related to the role of income in higher education and the Economic Diversity of Colleges database. The database is the first publicly-available source of college-level information on student income, race and ethnicity, loan and grant usage, and over 128 other variables. The goals of both economicdiversity.org and economicdiversity.info are:
  • To make public the extent to which American colleges and universities enroll undergraduates from various economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds;
  • To encourage discussion and examination of economic diversity and related issues; and,
  • To identify ways to improve the quality and use of data related to access and success in higher education.
Readers can learn about new updates to Economicdiversity.org, issues and questions raised by the data, economic diversity in the news, and more. We encourage you to comment on and link to our posts in order to foster more dialogue and awareness about economic diversity and related data issues. This blog is maintained by TICAS staff.

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