Press Release/Statement | March 1, 2022

Statement on the State of the Union 2022

Author: Statement of Sameer Gadkaree

We applaud President Biden for affirming his commitment to investing in the Pell Grant program. For half a century, Pell Grants have been the federal government’s most effective investment in college affordability, but the share of costs covered by the grant is at an all-time low. We also appreciate the president’s acknowledgement of the importance of new investments in community colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority-serving institutions. Our nation’s higher education system remains a powerful driver of social and economic mobility, but as long as a high-quality, affordable degree remains out of reach for many, it can reinforce rather than combat systemic racial and economic inequities. The president is right to prioritize higher education investments as critical to a robust recovery from the pandemic. Students and their families cannot afford to wait.


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