Press Release/Statement | October 15, 2019

Statement on the College Affordability Act

Author: Statement of James Kvaal

“Chairman Bobby Scott today introduced the College Affordability Act, an overhaul of the Higher Education Act that would invest hundreds of billions of dollars to improve college access and affordability for students from all backgrounds. We applaud Chairman Scott for including in the bill critical new investments in the Pell Grant, stronger protections to better hold colleges accountable to students and taxpayers, a re-imagined federal-state partnership to significantly boost college affordability, streamlined and improved student loan repayment options, much-needed data on college costs and student outcomes, and a simplified financial aid application process. The bill demonstrates the value of a comprehensive rewrite of higher education laws and is a promising start to the reauthorization process. 

“As the College Affordability Act moves through the legislative process, we look forward to continuing to work with Members of Congress to build on this proposal by bringing the costs of college into even closer reach, reducing equity gaps in college funding as well as access and attainment, and ensuring that federal aid is extended only to quality programs.”


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