Press Release/Statement | September 26, 2019

Statement on Chairman Alexander’s Proposed Piecemeal Higher Education Package

Author: Statement of James Kvaal

“Congress should reject Chairman Alexander’s piecemeal higher education proposal and instead immediately and separately renew expiring funding for minority-serving colleges and universities, and then get back to work on a bipartisan, comprehensive Higher Education Act bill.

“While Chairman Alexander’s proposal includes some worthy ideas, our students deserve more.

“The high cost of college perpetuates deep racial and economic equity gaps in college access and attainment. Students and parents borrow $100 billion a year to pay for college, and more than a million people default on their loans each year.

“We must seize the opportunity afforded by a full reauthorization to invest in college affordability, reduce the burden of student debt, and protect students and taxpayers from low-quality institutions.”