Press Release/Statement | October 31, 2023

TICAS Praises Department of Education’s Continuing Commitment to Protect Students with Latest Action Toward Grand Canyon University

Statement of Sameer Gadkaree:

“Today, after years of Grand Canyon University’s deceptions about the cost of its doctoral programs, the Department of Education acted to protect students by imposing a significant penalty.   

“Grand Canyon misled students about the true cost of their graduate degrees, leading to 7,500 students enrolling in its programs. Students deserve to know what their education will cost and how they can finance it; far too often, for-profit institutions have left students saddled with debts that they cannot afford to repay. This $37.7 million fine should remind other schools that they must be honest with students, offering them accurate information on which to base their enrollment decisions. We encourage the Department to continue enforcing higher education laws and regulations that will protect students and taxpayers from fraud and abuse. 

“TICAS applauds the thorough work of the Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid. This well-documented investigation should put schools on notice that providing substantial misrepresentations to students will not be tolerated. We look forward to continuing our advocacy to ensure that students are not subjected to deceptive, misleading, and predatory tactics.”