Press Release/Statement | August 30, 2023

TICAS Applauds Borrower Defense Discharge for Those Defrauded by Ashford University

Author: Statement of Sameer Gadkaree

“We welcome today’s announcement from the Department of Education that will finally bring much-needed relief to 2,300 borrowers who are victims of Ashford University’s fraudulent and illegal recruitment practices. These types of abuses by for-profit institutions are exactly why Borrower Defense to Repayment is a vital protection for students and taxpayers. Borrowers should have their debts discharged in a timely manner when they face fraud, and taxpayers should recoup fraudulently obtained profits from college operators.  

“Unfortunately, the Ashford case is just one of many resulting from for-profit institutions’ reliance on deceptive and often illegal tactics to maximize profits from federal financial aid programs. The systemic nature of Ashford’s practices still leaves tens of thousands of borrowers in need of loan discharges, and we encourage all efforts to alert Ashford borrowers of their eligibility for relief. 

“TICAS continues to advocate for stronger accountability policies that protect students and taxpayers against fraud, waste, and abuse, and we applaud the Biden-Harris Administration for its commitment to borrower protections. We also urge the Administration to pursue accountability for the individuals whose fraud hurt thousands of Ashford students.”