Press Release/Statement | October 17, 2017

TICAS Applauds 18 States’ Lawsuit against U.S. Department of Education for Failing to Enforce Regulation Protecting Students and Taxpayers from Ripoff Career Education Programs

Author: Statement of Debbie Cochrane

“Today’s lawsuit from 18 state attorneys general, led by Maryland and Pennsylvania, is a welcome development for anyone who cares about students, veterans, taxpayers, or the rule of law. We’re confident the federal courts will require the Education Department to enforce this rule protecting students and taxpayers, just as the courts have repeatedly blocked the Trump Administration from violating other federal laws.

“The gainful employment regulation, finalized in 2014 and upheld by the courts multiple times, ends federal funding for ripoff career education programs that consistently leave students with debts they cannot repay. Yet the Trump Administration has taken step after step to eviscerate it, without legal authority and despite great harm to students. The Education Department has not produced the data required to hold programs accountable, has admitted it has no plans to do so, and has delayed disclosure requirements and gutted the standards and timelines for failing programs to appeal.

“Failing to enforce the gainful employment regulation would reopen the floodgates to waste, fraud, and abuse in federal financial aid programs. The Department may intend to rewrite the gainful employment rule, but until it does it is obligated to uphold the laws as they exist today.”