Fact Sheet | November 10, 2021

Know the Facts: The Inaccuracies Surrounding NC-SARA

The federal State Authorization Rule requires colleges to be state-approved in order to receive federal financial aid, for both in-person and distance education programs, as an essential consumer protection function. However, participation in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) fulfills this requirement for institutions operating online across state borders. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that NC-SARA’s attempt to make it easier for institutions to operate across state lines by streamlining regulation instead undermines states’ ability to protect their residents, and puts students at increased risk from predatory institutions.

Know the Facts: The Inaccuracies Surrounding NC-SARA fact checks and explains some of the most common misconceptions and inaccuracies about NC-SARA, state authorization, and consumer protections for students enrolled online across state borders.