Press Release/Statement | January 16, 2020

House Votes to Restore Protections for Students, Overturn Borrower Defense Rule

The borrower defense rule protects students by discharging loans tied to fraud and other illegal conduct by their colleges. In September, the Trump Administration rewrote the rule, and it will leave 97 percent of students cheated by their colleges having to repay their student loan debt. Meanwhile, more than 220,000 students are still waiting for the Department of Education to act on their claims.

“Students subjected to illegal misconduct by their college, like that of Corinthian Colleges and ITT Tech, should not be left holding the bag,” said TICAS president James Kvaal. “Today the House of Representatives voted to restore a fair process for cheated students to discharge their loans. We call on the Senate to follow the lead of the House and vote to overturn a system that is stacked against students.”


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