Press Release/Statement | December 21, 2022

A Letter from TICAS President: Celebrating 2022, Ready for 2023

Author: By Sameer Gadkaree, President & CEO

“2022 has been an extraordinary year for higher education, delivering substantial progress on many of our longstanding policy priorities. This year brought much-needed but long-delayed relief to millions of students and borrowers. It also brought progress toward delivering more fully on the promise of an affordable, equitable college system that is free from fraud and abuse.

“As president, I’m excited to continue leading a team dedicated to closing racial and economic equity gaps in higher education, a team with deep expertise and an authentic voice, grounded in our own range of experiences of receiving student aid, relying on public benefits, navigating the impact of system racism and generational wealth gaps, and raising children while enrolled in college.

“I cannot wait to share our continued work with you in 2023. Thank you for making it possible – as a funder, as a peer advocate, as a student advocate, and as someone in our community.”


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